6 Home Improvement Projects That You Should Have Done Professionally

Who doesn’t love a good DIY home improvement project? That sense of satisfaction you feel when you admire your work is pretty gratifying. That is until you discover that your recent upgrades could be what’s stopping you from selling your house.

According to one survey, 63% of homeowners regretted doing at least one home improvement project themselves. Some reported the project took longer and was more labor-intensive than expected, while others weren’t happy with the results.

If you’re planning home renovation projects to increase the value of your home, you may want to leave it to the professionals. So, before you break out your tool belt, keep reading.

Here are six home improvement projects you should hire a licensed professional for, no matter how skilled or ambitious you are.

1. Refinishing Floors

If your current home has hardwood floors, you’re in luck. This gorgeous and practical flooring option can yield a 75% return on your investment.

For homeowners who don’t have finished hardwood floors but want them, this is one of the best home improvement projects for increased value. But before you start to rip up your carpet or rent a drum sander, there are a few things you should know.

Refinishing hardwood floors is a time-consuming and extensive process that involves multiple steps. For starters, if you have carpet, you need to remove it. This takes more than just a pair of gloves and some elbow grease.

Carpeting is heavy, bulky, and hard to manage. It also requires a dumpster for disposal, which is an added expense.

But long before you’re ready to toss your old carpet, you need to get it up. Most carpeting is attached to the floor along the edges of the room using tack strips which are sharp and tough to remove.

If your carpeting has a pad underneath, it was probably installed using glue or staples, which also need to be removed completely. At this point, the subfloor is exposed and you can now see any hidden damage which will also need to be fixed before you can start laying hardwood.

Even if you plan to replace your old carpeting with new, measuring and installing it is an art form. Done incorrectly and you could end up with a carpet that doesn’t fit the space or dangerous nails poking out in all directions.

Refinishing your current hardwood floors is a slightly less complicated home renovation project but not by much. You’ll need a professional-grade floor sander, shop vacuum, wood filler, edger sander, pry bar, and more.

Most drum sanders are high-powered and take years of experience to run. Lose control and you could end up with a hole in your wall!

With so many variables and expensive equipment involved, refinishing your floors is one home improvement project worth hiring a professional for.

2. Electrical Projects

Some electrical projects are simple if you have experience. Things like installing a dimmer switch or connecting old wires to a new light fixture are pretty straightforward.

But once you start getting into major electrical projects, it’s always best to hire a professional. Electrical work can be dangerous. One misstep or faulty connection and you could create a potential fire hazard.

Some electrical projects also require a permit and inspection, which means they should be performed by a licensed electrician. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Switching a fuse box to a circuit breaker
  • Altering current or installing new electrical devices or permanent wiring
  • Installing a new outlet
  • Running new wiring

With so many wires and so many ways things can go awry, it’s best for your safety and peace of mind to hire a licensed professional for any electrical home renovation projects.

3. Tiling Bathrooms and Kitchens

When it comes to home improvements that add value, bathroom and kitchen upgrades top the list, with some offering a 90% ROI. Replacing the tile in either of these rooms can give your house an instant makeover. This is especially important if your current tile is cracked, broken, or discolored.

It’s a good idea to leave this home renovation project to the pros for a few reasons. For starters, most kitchens and bathrooms have complicated layouts. Measuring and installing tile around kitchen islands, appliances, toilets, and pedestal sinks is a tricky job.

Done incorrectly and you’ll be left with a wavy, crooked, or slanted pattern that sticks out like a sore thumb. Hire experienced professionals trained in delivering flawless results. They also have the equipment needed to get the job done right including a tile saw, spacers, trowel, level, and thin-set mortar.

Removing old tile flooring is also a dirty and strenuous job. Similar to carpet removal, once the tile is up, you may be faced with unexpected issues underneath. A professional will know how to handle these challenges and adjust the plan.

4. Roof Repair or Replacement

Repairing or replacing your roof is no easy task. It’s also a large-scale home improvement project that most homeowners aren’t equipped to handle.

According to the CDC, over 150,000 homeowners require medical attention every year following roof-related injuries. Don’t let this be you! When it comes to roof home renovation projects, keep your feet on the ground and leave the high-flying work to the pros.

Not only is roofing dangerous work, but it requires industry experience, knowledge, and more expensive tools. Most roofing companies have a team of professionals that work fast and efficiently. Getting the job done quickly is also important for protecting your home and its contents from the elements.

5. Mold, Lead, or Pest Removal

There’s nothing worse than finding out your dream home is infested with an unwanted substance — or creature. When it comes to pest, mold, or lead removal, you need certified professionals to eradicate the problem once and for all.


Mold and mildew are common in houses with a basement or crawl space. These dark, wet areas are breeding grounds for dangerous mold and bacteria.

In most cases, there’s only one way to effectively get rid of it — mold remediation. While you can use hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar to remove mold and mildew from small surfaces, you’ll need professional help if the problem spreads.

This home renovation project is more about safety than aesthetics. If mold is found during a home inspection, it could cause significant delays in the closing and cost you thousands of dollars to rectify.


Lead and asbestos are two more unwanted and unhealthy infestations that could cause real problems during a home sale. The most common causes of lead are contaminated soil and chipped or peeling lead-based paint. Lead dust is also common during home improvement projects, so keep this in mind when performing DIY jobs.

Removing appliances and cutting or installing insulation can release asbestos into the air of your home. If asbestos is present, a team of professionals can seal these materials and prevent contamination.


Rats, and termites, and mice, oh my! If you have a pest problem, you’ll need an exterminator to purge your problem for good. Setting traps and spraying some insect repellent simply isn’t enough.

If a home inspector or prospective buyer senses there’s an infestation in your home, chances are, they won’t make an offer until it’s addressed. The problem with pests is that there are usually more of them than you realize and they can make their way into some surprising places.

Don’t take any chances and hire the pros from the start.

6. Any Home Improvement Projects that Require a Permit

There’s nothing worse than completing a home renovation project only to learn it’s not up to code or required a permit. Performing home improvement projects yourself that require a permit can also reduce your home’s value.

Before you start any demo or buy materials, check to see if your home improvement project requires a permit. Some common home renovation projects that need a permit include:

  • Structural changes
  • New windows and siding
  • Installing a fence
  • Most major plumbing and electrical jobs
  • Installing a new water heater or furnace
  • Roofing repairs and replacement
  • Retaining walls

Most skilled professionals already know what projects require a permit and how to get them. Not only does this simplify and expedite the process, but it saves you time, money, and aggravation.

Upgrade Your Home the Right Way

It’s common for proud homeowners to invest their time, money, and energy in DIY home improvements. Unfortunately, doing so could result in a shoddy job and decreased home value. You may also run into inspection and permit issues.

When it comes to these 6 home improvement projects, it’s in your best interest to hire a team of professionals with the required experience and skills to get the job done right. The Porchlight Team feels the same way about buying or selling a home.

Our team of experts is dedicated to creating a positive real estate experience for every single client. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a house in Utah County, we’ve got you covered.

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