A little about Erica

Erica is the second of six children and is a life-long Utahn. She attended Snow College and Utah State University with an 18-month pause to serve as a church missionary in Oslo, Norway.

After graduating from USU, Erica worked in commercial lending until she became friends with Kristy, who convinced her to pursue employment as a religious educator. She was thrilled to be hired and absolutely loved her 14 years in the classroom and the thousands of high school students with whom she had the privilege to interact. During her time as a teacher, she also earned a Masters Degree in Secondary Education.

After much begging, Erica finally agreed to join Kristy in real estate in 2017 and jumped in with both feet! Together they have completed over 175 transactions and helped other realtor friends find success.

Erica has a creative mind and enjoys doodling, learning to play the piano, writing, bon fires, peace, podcasts, and good conversations.